Thursday, May 31, 2012

istana budaya fashion show

went to this event at istana budaya called hari sihat minda if im not mistaken
pergi dgn gigih support AMAED friends , jubah souq, allya mysara and getgorgeous
came quite late...
sempat tengok pn anizon buat hijab styling. nice. simple, senang, menarik

collections from getgorgeous
ranggi bergaya....and most importantly colourful!

jubah souq mmg forever glam and captivating 

allya mysara buat kelainan this time instead of casual chic, ada byk unsur2 elegant the way these 2 men stylekan hijabs...pandai sungguh!

the whole group

look at the crowd giving standing ovation!

yusri and kimi designers of allya mysara

met this mua sometime ago...she still remembers me.touched 

the men of allya mysara

amir and zack jubah souq went missing during this group shot

with azlia getgorgeous and sarah hata

me and the men
( yusri, amir, kimi and zack )
talented designers who really understand womens fashion

was wearing ammara's cape top in soft vanilla with a lavender inner, black f21 jeans , nose electric blue stilettos and old gucci hobo

sempat lagi jumpa tun nurul huda after the show. and she recommended me her jamu...
her aunt made it herself..shes 64 and still belum menopause . bought 1 pack... will review about it soon

till then


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