Tuesday, May 15, 2012

surprise getaway... awwww (PT1

hubs can be a bit mengada at times, 
dahlah refuse to tell us where exactly we are going..
and then request i get a new "gisele bundchen" hairdo..
to top that, he wants me to get bikinis ( note : banyak )
merepek, merepek... nak bikini hapenye...DOSALAH bro!!
but anyway, i managed to get one.. ( layan jelah kan, of courselah my hubs ni logic orangnya )

so we left last monday morning
sunday xsempat pack, so woke up at 3 to pack..
was too swamped on sunday, jumpa ANNE NGASRI, CIKGU SHAFI , BELI KAIN KAT JALAN TAR, WENT TO THE FACTORY..by the time sampai rumah dah malam, exhausted

so sampai airport at 730, our flight was at 930 am, one way ticket, hubs said, undecided nak stay sampai bila...amboi???????
and..........destination was... DENPASAR AIRPORT BALI
surprised? happy? disappointed? excited? 
it was all except disappointed.. 
mmg tak jauh pun.. ( lagi best, pleaselah travel dgn budak lasak mmg penat naik flight lama2 )
it took us 3 hours to reach there

mata merah ngantuklah tu..........

my boy refuses to wear a jacket...anak mat salleh sorang ni xsejuk ke

wearing these high cut sneakers bought in JPO...akhirnya ada kegunaan hehehe, so comfy!

hubs rasa sgt awkward coz this lady was sleeping in a "hey im checking u out" position hahaha

BALI AIRPORT, tepi laut...

also, MALAYSIANS xpayah pay for visa, so chop immigration terus.
from Ngurah Rai Airport we took a cab to seminyak
ramai cab drivers offered us 250,000 - 300000 ( dekat 60 ringgit ) rupiah to seminyak, hubs mmglah on je..but i insisted we go to the taxi counter and pay our fares there.rugi je mana tau lagi murah. and of course , jauh lagi murah... it was 70000 rupiah ( around 22 ringgit ) to seminyak. cis!!! nasib baik xmembazir 

also, masa kat airport we bought indonesian sim cards. tak naklah roaming. mahal sangat..
80000 ( rm 25 ringgit ) for 2 simcards
dlm tu ada dlm 5 ringgit credit and free internet 3g connection
works for me, bukan nak call sapa pun

so we reached our villa
he found this super lovely room at agoda 
priced RM 1200 per night, dapat a good price from agoda, 400 plus per night for a one bedroom private pool villa

our living room

 the living room attached to the kitchen and dining table, cooking is not allowed for temporary stays

the view from the living room

the pool and the entrance to our villa ( love the wooden doors )


the bedroom

loungers outside the room

comfy king size bed 

 wardrobe area

bathroom, with jacuzzi, open air shower

study area

the hand washing area and entrance to our second bathroom in the living room ( perfect if ada kids, they can sleep in the living room with  its own bathroom )

 view from the pool, living room on the right, bedroom on the left.
the ambience ..... nyaman sarawakians call it :)
nak pg bilik, lalu outdoor hallway sebelah pool..mmg indescribable .. !

shawl : branded outlet, harem pants jumpsuit : envee , batwing cardi : cotton on
high cut sneakers : nike , sunnies : rayban

rafiq lena tido, bunyi air and aircond ( thumbs up combo )

love the mirrors at the kitchenette
so dah lapar dah petang tu we ordered from HALLO restaurants 
its a food delivery service, ada around 30 plus restaurants participating
the menu and price mmg dah ada in the room
the front desk people called them and placed the order for us
so we opt for northern indian cuisine from QUEENS
ordered chicken masalla, lamp curry , garlic naan and rice
price wise... was ok.. total was 30000 rupiah.. dalam 90 plus
the food was nice. sedaplah jugak
very fast delivery, dia ckp 45 mins, but half an hour dah sampai, maybe coz our villa agak dekat dgn the town 

the first day, lepak je in the room..
makan... watched TV.. celup2 kaki dlm pool...
and... other ehem2 stuff


our butler ( anto ) sent our breakfast to the room, igtkan kena makan kat restaurant or anything rupanya siap berhidang atas meja makan tu... hehehe
felt special :)

nasi goreng madura , american bfast, fruits, fresh watermelon juice , croissants and coffee

lets go jalan!!
top : sungai wang, forever 21 jeans, high cut nike sneakers again, cotton shawl jalan tar

buli papa depan main entrance villa
( waiting for our taxi )

at the breezes seminyak, tunggu our shuttle to BALI SAFARI&MARINE PARK

entrance fee 50 US Dollars per person
rafiq belum 3 years old so dia free..
if pg next year dah kena bayar..
agak pricey.but fahamlah sbb mmg tempat tourist..
and most tourists mmg mat salleh belaka
also its an award winning park
place was very organized and very clean..

sampai je tengok animal show 
awwwwww orang utan tu hug...so sweet

elephant bathing session

rented a stroller from 10000 rupiah..
klo tak mesti si kecik tu penat berjalan

elephant show at kampung gajah

the famous komodo dragon 

watched the BALI AGUNG SHOW in the SAFARI
a cultural show, about the history of BALI and their king
best sgt,
the theatre mmg gempak, very modern and canggih
the seatings , even seated kat atas pun nampak clear..very clear
cameras were not allowed  thou, but its good..u enjoyed the show 100% rather than sibuk taking pics
 ( ayat hubs ) hehehe
the animals , birds, ducks were also a huge part of the show
i guess kat sini mmg semua haiwan dah fully trained to entertain 

( pic from google )

rafiq so happy he couldnt keep it in
( pic taken inside the free shuttle from the safari to the breezes resort seminyak )

balik freshen up and then took a cab to seminyak town,  the villa called one for us
( actually dekat dgn our villa, tapi sebelah2 villa tu ada construction site so takut jugak nak lalu situ.... being extra careful )

went to coffee sobat, mcm coffee bean lah

 tired look, ignore

yup, mmg mahal 50k tu 1 smaaaallll cup. thats like 15 ringgit hihi

seminyak town

 went crazy at ABANG accessories. sangat murah
and our cab driver tagged along so lagilaaaaahhhh dpt murah

bough cheap necklaces and bracelets for anak2 buah and myself..
senget sebelah bahu hubs angkat the plastik bag heeeee

that night...
we had a swimming session in our pool
after rafiq dah sleep, we had another session.. this time just us
( no further info needed hahaha )

till then,

part 2 will come up soon


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  1. Sweet jer. Dahlaaaa suprise holiday, pastu ada pulak session2nya. Hehe. So sweet


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