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backdated story - trip to Japan DAY 1


ever since my sister, syaima' moved to Japan we have always wanted to go there.
finally, AirAsia started the routes to Tokyo via Haneda Airport
booked our flights, and last year September 2011 ( a few days after raya ) we flew to Japan..
siap bekalkan rendang daging 2 big containers and sambal ikan bilis khas for orang tak balik raya.

our flight was at 1145am in the morning, estimated to reach Haneda at 8pm Tokyo time.

so we had brunch at LCCT .. just in case we're gonna miss Malaysian food...ecewahhh pg 8 hari pun kecoh kan

onboard....this baby slept for a while... meaning sejam je tido cissss
so we had another 6 hours to calm him down...

dah tak larat melayan rafiq lasak...tried to read...was gonna fall asleep when..

hubs dah start activity menggomol tak tenteram dah...kecoh

coz rafiq pun sambung kacau his papa...
ish ish

6 hours later... we reached Haneda.
brought along this pakai buang stroller
senang for budak yg lasak

love the kids seat in the mommies toilet
but since he knew, dia mmg nak masuk toilet so agak menyibuk

 waited for my sis to pick us up, they were caught in bad traffic..
tempted to take the train but...heheheh takutlah
so we waited.. hubs dah stress coz rafiq dah super hyper time ni
dah malam pun xnak sleep..

sis arrived 2 hours later..
terus pg hotel.
thank god we didnt take the train, mesti sesat. or the cab.. it wouldve been super expensive
so we checked in at Hotel Business Villa. its a business hotel, not a luxurious one of course..
everything in tokyo is expensive
this hotel was around 200 plus per night.
oklah..and they charged per room not per pax.
Japan is a very very clean country so 3 star hotels pun sgt sgt bersih

this is the parking area.the hotel only has 2 slots. so brother in law iwan parked his car and everyday we all travelled by train.

the city view from the room

the descent room
big enough for the 3 of us :)
syaima' and rizwan checked into the room next door
was really exhausted from the travelling so terus tido balik tu...

woke up the next morning..

we walked to the nearest train station
it was a 5 minute walk..
ditched the stroller coz takut susah nak turun naik train so hubs carried rafiq in our ERGO carrier..
comfy he said, tapi ... hahahaha almaklumlah budak dah berat kan.
lama2 sakit pinggang jugak..
menyesal tak bawak stroller..

digital vending machine... jakun! ( at one of the train stations )

rafiqs first train ride

tukar train...
thank god we had a tour guide ( BIL rizwan ) 
or else mmg sesat..
u have to change a lot of stations before u reach ur destination
in Japan they have more than 5 train companies...
klo tengok the map mmg boleh pengsan..
confirm tak kan faham if travel alone..

budak lasak dalam train

mummy dah stress hahahaha

redha jelah kena buli

after 3x changing stations we reached the last stop before the Disneyland Train Station

dah masuk area disneyland. hungry.. so berhenti makan..
obviously rizwan had to order since... no one else knew how to speak Japanese hehe

had homemade fresh fish burgers..
the rest was beef so terpaksa makan fish..
was yummy thou!
price for 1 set meal including drinks and fries was around RM 40 plus our money 

dah kenyang lets ride the train into DISNEYLAND!!

almost there!

the train is here! dont u just love the mickey windows...

of course rafiq excited

best kan rafiq?

dah sampai disneyland mummy yg over excited
( can u spot hubs and rafiq at the back? )

rafiq was too happy he bacame malu lol...

bila lagi nak pakai minnie ears kan?

the CASTLE!!

sampai tu panas...n then it rained a bit
but not too heavy
so suasana nyaman nak jalan..
summer baru habis time ni so xsejuk n xpanas...
something in between
macam kat Malaysia

muka rafiq nak nangis dia igt real nak kunci dia hehehe

acara paling best, the PARADE by the characters
rafiq was so happy sampai speechless
it rained.. but it was so much fun
notice the japanese nk duduk alas dgn kertas..
padahal even the streets were so clean
baring pun boleh..
the between parades, jalan2 sapu n kutip sampah..
although mmg xde sampah untuk dikutip coz mmg sgt clear

the ELECTRICAL NIGHT PARADE lagi best, mesmerizing..
but rafiq dah tak larat sangat dah time ni dah selamat dah tido hehe
rasa pelik jugak coz all of us adults yang gugu gaga over the parade lights...hehhee

finally was time to head back
at the tran station found a coin making machine
hubs made 2 disney coins

semua dah penat...

For more info on Tokyo Disneyland u can click this site

by the way, kat Japan sahaja ada DISNEY SEA
read reviews from some sites saying its a must go also
but we didnt have time as we had a few other plans the remaining days in tokyo
from the review they said DISNEYLAND is perfect for EVERYONE from babies to adults
and DISNEY SEA ni mostly untuk bigger children
coz the rides semua  based on movie characters like ALADDIN n stuff
and ada a few yang a bit scary for smaller toddlers
so we opt for DISNEYLAND sahaja.
ticket price was around RM 250 per person, Rafiq free coz they only charge from 4 yrs old and above
syaima' ( sis ) bought the tickets online from their website and they sent it to her, to avoid kena beratur panjang

Food mmg expensive,
plus mmg susah dapat vegetarian stuff so we brought biscuits, water and snacks..
they dont check ur bags at the entrance so boleh bwk food n drinks
every section ada water cooler so boleh refill ur water bottle
dah petang tu lapar sgt beli jugak muffins and pie
actually tak tahan coz they were so cute in minnie shapes 
and then beli french fries makan masa tgk parade
overall cost for food was around RM 80 plus and they werent even proper food 

review also said if holiday seasons or weekends beratur for every ride is at least half n hour
so we decided to go on friday
was hoping tak ramai orang
Alhamdulillah beratur for the rides mostly xsampai 5 minutes
so we managed to cover most of the rides yang ada...
memang every single ride or attraction was different from the previous one we rode..
so every one was special..

eventhough the characters mostly spoke in Japanese ( i think only the theme song shj in English ) it was fun...its DISNEYLAND anyway.
as long as the characters were singing and dancing...dah cukup enjoy..
tak faham, refer to rizwan hahahahahah

even now, whenever we listen to the theme song.. u know
"when u wish upon a star" it immediately brings u back to all those wonderful imaginations u had when u were a child... and when u were there... mmg macam kat awang2an...
they keep on playing the song wherever u are kat situ
u do feel like a kid again!
if dont know which song, listen to it here...


at DISNEYLAND we fell in love again... ecewahhhh hahahha

till then, 
sambung about Tokyo in the next post


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